Union Pacific

Fluid Motion, Seamless Service

Chemical customers demand a safe and reliable service product and two of the country's best chemical transportation providers have teamed up to bring you RailChemConnect, with consistent transit times, faster turns and reduced mileage.

 By coordinating our routes between the Gulf Coast and Southeast, RailChemConnect creates strong benefits for our chemical customers. More than just the safe and reliable service product you demand, RailChemConnect is a powerful resource that delivers consistent transit times, faster equipment turns and reduced mileage.

Two Lines, No Waiting

We’re working together – to make shipping easier and more efficient for you. With RailChemConnect,our customers enjoy:

• Run-through trains between major hubs

• A redesigned Eastbound and Westbound service

• Balanced car cycles

• Safe handling of hazardous materials

These are advantages that enable UP and CSXT customers to derive even more value from rail, including:

• Seamless service

• Sustained consistency

• Enhanced supply chain efficiencies

• Safety focus

Strength in Numbers

Together, UP and CSXT have improved transit times by 25% and consistency by 23% since 2006 – and are keeping to our combined plan within a narrow span.

Continual Improvement

Redesigning our westbound service to mirror the strength of the eastbound service has allowed us to reduce both the total cycle time and mileage between shipments.

This provides a balanced car cycle that enables our Chemical customers to optimize their fleets of private cars.


UP CSX Transit Performance: Third Quarter 2009

 Train Departure to Train Arrival (including UP and CSX Transit)
 Average Transit Time in Days
    Atlanta, GA Hamlet, NC Waycross, GA
     80% Span Avg Transit 80% Span Avg Transit 80% Span Avg Transit
South Texas Eastbound 5.2 2.1 6.4 2.2 5.2 2.0
Westbound 4.5 1.8 5.3 1.9 5.1 2.2
Houston, TX Eastbound 4.2 1.3 5.1 2.3 4.1 2.0
Westbound 3.8 1.8 4.8 3.9 3.6 3.0
Strang, TX Eastbound 5.0 2.6 5.8 2.0 5.0 2.0
Westbound 4.2 2.0 4.9 2.0 4.5 2.1
Beaumont, TX Eastbound 4.0 1.8 4.5 2.2 3.9 1.5
Westbound 5.2 3.2 6.5 5.4 3.4 3.3
Livonia, LA Eastbound 2.4 1.2 3.3 1.4 2.4 1.1
Westbound 3.3 2.3 4.8 2.7 2.8 1.7

The Formula for Better Shipping

With RailChemConnect, you get two of the best transportation providers available today, teaming up to bring you reduced transit times, faster turns and reduced mileage. For more information on RailChemConnect, a powerful partnership that delivers your Chemicals safely and reliably,

Click here to view the RailChemConnect brochure.

Contact your UP or CSXT representative today to find out how your business can benefit when you ship RailChemConnect.